Getting on Mongol time

July 20th, 2008 § 1 comment

I haven’t felt this way since I left on our last trip. Granted our last trip was more grandiose in scale and emotion particularly on a more personal level. If you aren’t familiar with it I suggest you yield and get a flavor of it and then read on.

While the scale and time frame are much shorter in comparison, the stress and anxiety level are still the same about leaving. No I am not selling all of my stuff (phew), no I am not worried to much about what to wear, no I am not worried about what I may have forgotten and need, no I don’t have to find a new job in a culture I left a year ago. I have a whole new set of unknowns: Why I am taking my tent, a sleeping bag, a GPS unit (oh thank you Molly D!)(which I do take comfort that I will be able to find my way back if I get lost), adopting an optimistic attitude about mutton, looking forward to fermented mares milk, man I hope we find a driver that will take us further into an already remote area of the globe that we have never been to, did I tell the guys at work about the idiosyncrasies of rebooting the server on a Friday? That last one was eating away at me on Thursday night, but after the smooth, painless and happy smiles of the stand-in tech team training on Friday I feel a great weight lifted. Smooth sailing Boys!

Five weeks total on the road and three weeks of those on literally no roads to nowhere to witness something that has been referred to as “a spiritual experience”, “seeing the eye of the universe”, “Amazing, brilliant, awesome, mystical, super, incredible, heavenly, and out-of-sight! , an emotional experience” “addictive” according to the eclipse chasers group on yahoo. I must point out that we have to be in the right place and the right time (in the right middle of nowhere) to actually see this phenomenon. All of this with little to no confirmation of transport or lodgings has me a bit stressed out and very excited at the same time. But hey it is Mongolia, I thrive in this kind of chaos, what do I have to worry about. Everything I have read indicates that Mongolia is actually the largest campground on Earth. Tent, sleeping bag, GPS, open mind, mmmm mutton, sense of adventure, seeing something few have seen, yeah here we go!
04:27=19:27 tomorrow in Mongol Time

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  • agent k says:

    yo! you made it. and look at you B, i did not know that you were planning on contributing (in writing, that is) to the blog– good for you old chap! 😉 now off you go, xx