August 20th, 2008 § 1 comment

We’re back in Seoul for 2 last days before we head home. We spent several days in the south of the peninsula in a city named Gyeongju, called a ‘museum without walls’, for the many relics and remnants from the Silla period (57 BC – 935 AD).

A popular travel destination for Koreans, there are giant maps of the area and the many points of interest at bus terminals and at each attraction.

The most conspicuous of the historic treasures are the large mounds scattered throughtout town and the region–they’re tombs of Silla kings, buried at ground level, under a massive dome of boulders covered in clay and grass.

There are also palaces and temples to visit…

We hiked to the top of a mountain full of Buddha statues and rock carvings…

…walked through a humongous lotus pond…

…and sat in a field of flowers

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  • kim says:

    ohmygawd, the field of flowers photo is too damn perfect! and the lotus and the temples and the tombs and the…ah, yeah, pretty much every snap so far! xoxkim