More red food (mostly)!

August 20th, 2008 § 1 comment

Me No Speak is helping us eat our way through Korea–everything here was ordered with the book, which is great as most restaurants don’t have an English language menu. Some places have photos of the various dishes on offer on the exterior windows, which would do in a pinch but you’d only be guessing at what might arrive on your table.

Bibimbap is a commonly found rice dish that comes with veggies and egg (sometimes raw), which you mix up with hot sauce. A variation on this dish is served in a sizzling hot stone bowl to give the rice a crispy crust. Not only is bibimbap fun to say, it’s tasty, too!

Ramen noodles

Spicy beef and noodle soup
When the women prepared this meal, the spices emanating from the kitchen made my eyes water, my throat tighten and itch, and my nose run.

Tofu and kimchee (an appetizer or snack)
We were surprised this came with meat stir-fried with the kimchee. Must do more recon on this one for our vegetarian book buyers.

Steamed dumplings
Something not red!

BBQ (again and again and again)
Sliced pork belly… yum!

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  • gwen says:

    mmm- another place i won’t be able to visit! you kids are so adventuresome when it comes to trying new delicacies. i’ll stick with africa, kudu on a stick!