Our last day of fun in Seoul

August 21st, 2008 § 1 comment

Technically, tomorrow is our last day – but since we fly out in the late afternoon, we are thinking of today as our last. Tomorrow we will be packing our bags (OK, that only takes 5 minutes), looking for that last spicy lunch (not hard to find), and taking the metro an hour or so to the airport (the subway system puts ours to shame in a bad way).

The high temps and thick humidity we’ve been sweating through these last two weeks has suddenly disappeared, but we do have 1 last day of rain – most of this trip has, unfortunately, been under moody gray skies either raining or threatening rain.

What better thing to do with a rainy day than go to museums? And what better kind of museums than the funky small ones we found here in Seoul:

The kimchee museum
The lock museum
The rolling ball museum

The kitchen utensil museum

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  • Rob says:

    We really need a rolling ball museum in SF. It would be a big hit. Let’s get the ball rolling. R.