Mystery Meat

September 20th, 2008 § 2 comments

A strange package of marinated raw meat fell out of my luggage when I unzipped the cover/duffel bag around my backpack. Lucikly, my backpack was locked so the meat was just sitting inside the cover/duffel I use when I check the pack.

I was the only person in the baggage claim area when it happened; I’d returned to the airport to pick up my luggage from lost and found. There weren’t any customs agents around, so the woman who helped me retrieve the bag went looking for one, leaving me alone with my bag. I decided to get a head start by removing the cover so I could wear my pack instead of pushing it in a cart. Fwap! A package slid out onto the floor and thoughts of criminal activity rushed into my head: ‘Oh my god, did someone put drugs in my bag?’

My first thought was of the ‘Ganja Queen’, a women from Australia who is in prison for life in Indonesia for a huge bag of pot found in her boogie board bad when she arrived in Bali. There’s a documentary of her story and it’s very clear the drugs were placed in her luggage some time between checking it in and picking it up.

Thinking of her story when I saw the meat fall out of my bag (and at the time I had no idea what it was), I contemplated kicking it under a table or xray machine so as not to get into any trouble if it were an illicit substance. But then when I saw it appeared to be meat, marinated is some sort of potent-smelling herb (not pot), I waited for the lost and found woman to return with customs to see what would happen.

She returned without a customs inspector, who’d told her by phone to just let me go. Apparently it was not worth his time to come check the luggage of a single person. I showed her the mystery meat and her only response was, “I have never seen meat come out of someone’s bag.” And that was that. She told me she would feed it to a dog that was outside.

I cannot stop wondering who put the meat into my bag and what circumstances led someone to do it. What precipitated the thought, “Quick! Hide the meat!”?

§ 2 Responses to Mystery Meat"

  • BK says:

    WTF….maybe you should have brought it as a welcome gift, or given it to the next cab driver who asked you to ride in the front seat?

  • jules says:

    cheryn! it looks like very very old brie marinated in a soy concoction… I would wonder wtf is up with that one. the poor dog that got that is probably wishing he’d never been born.