Last night drinks

September 16th, 2009 Comments Off on Last night drinks

Last night we went for drinks at some erotic bar/restaurant with dim lighting and everything red, including velvet curtains, that has sexy shows on their tiny stage. But last night it was just a guy playing guitar and singing. A flyer for another night of the week with a more erotic performance has been decorated with red velvet and flowers made to look like a vagina. The menu had options like, “Spill your seed on me” soup. We were only there for drinks–walked over to have steak again at our favorite parilla, Miranda, for dinner–and found this place on the way back to our hotel.

No one spoke much English, so it was unclear if drinks were going to be made at first. The woman who cashes checks for the wait staff gave us the drink menu, took our order, and after we told her what we wanted, she snapped something about having no bartender. Then, nothing happened for a while and while we sat there wondering if we should make our own drinks, a waiter was found to do the job. He did fine, and it was amusing to watch him scramble behind the bar, having no idea where things were located.

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