Packing for six weeks…

April 11th, 2010 § 1 comment

People always want to know how I pack for long trips. But just because I’m going away for a long-ish period of time doesn’t mean I need to take more stuff. I take what I would need for 1 week, and have laundry done along the way.

It’s easy to pack if I’m going someplace hot or cold but not both, which can happen if you travel during times when the seasons are changing. It’s also easy to pack if I’m pretty much doing the same type of travel the entire trip. Mixing a camping trip in Mongolia with an urban stay in Seoul a few years ago was a tough one.

What people might be surprised about is how light I pack. Unfortunately, my camera equipment takes up more space than my clothes. It’s unfortunate because while I pack light, once I get all my gear together it’s as if I have packed for a month. Except for a pair of flipflops, Keens, and toiletries, here’s what I’m taking for 6 weeks in Mexico. And, when put into a travel compression bag, my clothing isn’t much bigger than my guidebook!


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