Dos comidas a Taqueriá El Califa

April 16th, 2010 Comments Off on Dos comidas a Taqueriá El Califa

Tacos de Al Pastor (tortillas with spit-cooked pork) | Today's lunch! These tacos are from El Califa in Condesa, which is noted by our B&B as having the best tacos in all of Mexico City (11 pesos each, $0.90)

Tacos de Pastor Pollo (tortillas with spit-cooked chicken) | Also today's lunch (at El Califa) and muy delicioso! (12 pesos each, $1.00)

Tacos de Costilla (tortillas with rib meat) | Yes! From El Califa! We had these for dinner last night–not pictured are the grilled onions and the four types of salsa on the table. This is a unique way to serve tacos (not dicing the meat), and the tortillas are home made (22 pesos each, $1.80)

Queso Fundido (melted cheese appetizer) | Dinner (El Califa) last night started with this pot of melted cheese–a mix of gouda and something else...way better than the melted Velveeta version served in the states. Must start eating roughage soon...

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