Uttering 2 words successfully: a small victory!

April 26th, 2010 § 2 comments

Small victories are a plenty when learning a new language on the road, and actually being able to use it with the affirmative return gesture of a nod or the word, “yes.”

Like just now at breakfast, I pointed at the cereal and fruit in front of me when presented the menu and said, “Es todo.” Or, “That’s all.” It’s not an award winning speech in a foreign tongue, but the words sort of slipped out naturally, without thinking about them. The fact that they made sense to another human being is that small victory I started out talking about.

It’s fun and makes me want to keep learning and trying to speak, though most of the time I get nervous and tongue tied.

Last night, trying to say bottled water, “Agua embotellada,” it came out all broken and wrong. At these times, I am a 2-year-old with a speech impediment. The waiter understood me, though, with a smile. The kind type of smile reserved for idiots and fools one feels sorry for.

After that, I repeated the word… Em-bot-ay-odda. I knew how to say it–though it is a tough one–several times to myself. Benjamin leaned in towards me and said, “Do you realize you’re sitting here in a restaurant saying the word ‘bottle’ over and over to no one in particular?”

Just call me loco.

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  • bobbi says:

    I know how you feel. Mike and i are both trying to speak simple phrases to each other such as “hasta manana” and we have to stop and think about it – no quick retort possible yet. He bought Rosetta Stone for quicker learning – it is fun! Starting my class June 7th- will be fun when we are all talking spanish together mom

  • Mike says:

    Excellent photos.

    Before/during our 10 day trip we used took probiotics twice daily…and while there ate a great deal of wonderful fruit and veggies which perhaps helped us adapt. We suffered little to no ill effects even after drinking tap water (agua del grifo) and lots of drinks made with ice from the tap–critical to remember this if you are concerned.

    We learned that greeting everyone properly (time of day) goes a long way for el respeto mutual…