Glad I don’t depend on credit

April 30th, 2010 § 1 comment

Thanks, Chase Bank, for noting my travel dates in Mexico and then:
a) declining dinner charges (for under 40 bucks)
b) freezing my account
c) locking me out of online account access
d) inability to reverse the online access restriction for 3-5 days after having made the expensive international call to clear things up

Is it because I’m in Mexico? I gave my travel dates at the beginning of the trip. The customer service agent says it’s not because I’m in Mexico, but because the charges were suspicious. Since when is a $40 charge at a hotel/restaurant in Mexico suspicious when you are reportedly traveling in that country?

Something about usage patterns was mentioned… I guess since I don’t use a credit card that often at home, the flags went up?

Why then, did a charge from my health insurance company for much much more than dinner get accepted? Because it’s an American company? Incidentally, hearing about this charge on the phone call with the customer service agent was not a nice way to find out that my insurance rate has gone up by a hundred dollars or something like that.

What’s the take away here? While I appreciate security, sometimes it can go too far. There should be a better way for Chase to contact me when I’m NOT HOME TO ANSWER THE PHONE before they go and pull the plug on me.

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  • Mike C. says:

    I experienced this with Chase as well. AN awful institution for certain, sad that Washington Mutual kinda got the shaft pre-bailout and now Chase runs the show in the Northwest. Just awful.