Four things to eat and drink in Oaxaca

January 17th, 2011 § 1 comment

Mole is sold as a paste at the Benito Juarez Market

1. Mole
Mole is a complex sauce that takes days to make with a long list of ingredients. There are seven varieties and I’ve tried 5 so far: negro (black), colorado (red), amarillo (yellow), verde (green), almendrado (almond).

Cocoa beans for sale at the Tlacolula Sunday Market

2. Hot chocolate
Cocoa beans are imported from elsewhere in Mexico, but are an important item here in Oaxaca. Chocolate is mainly used in the mole and as a hot beverage made with water or milk (and flavored with other spices like cinnamon or vanilla). I will soon be taking a walk down the “chocolate factory street” called Mina to find the best hot chocolate…

3. Grasshoppers
I still need to buy a handful of fried hoppers from the market to eat like peanuts…those I have tried thus far have been incorporated into sauces.

4. Mezcal
It’s smoky liquor from the agave plant…similar to tequila, but a totally unique flavor. I’ve had it in a drink with grapefruit soda, from the shot glass, and have tasted several of the cream-style flavors (like coconut, coffee, etc).

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  • Ted Beatie says:

    I’ve wanted to visit Oaxaca for a long time, and you’ve just made that desire even more! I love mole, *and* mexican chocolate.