The Flu Blues

January 23rd, 2011 Comments Off on The Flu Blues

Having the flu while traveling is right up there at the top of the suck-o-meter. Between Benjamin and myself, and our past travels, we’ve dealt with the normal maladies: food poisoning, traveler’s diarrhea, blistered feet and sunburns, colds and sinus infections…even Giardia. But usually one of us remained healthy while the other was stuck in bed for brief bit of time.

Getting the flu in Oaxaca, though, has had us both bed-bound for days. For me, today is day #4 and my temperature is still above normal though I am able to actually get out of bed and amble about. The first 2 days passed by in a timeless-seeming bout of shivers and sweat, with what felt like an axe through my head while a truck bulldozed my body. The other day (#2 of the flu), Pablo, the owner of the house we’re renting, came by and said, “Your face does not look good.” It was swollen and puffy and haggard, so I was not offended.

Benjamin had the illness 2 days before me (it was his birthday gift to me). We think he caught it at the market outside of town, where the villagers who came there sneezed and coughed without covering their noses and mouths. He came down with the thing a few days after that.

It has been an expensive flu. Not only have we missed out sightseeing in Oaxaca (I have memorized every crack and crevice in the bedroom wall and ceiling, though)…we had to change our departure to Taxco because I was too sick to travel. Our flight change cost almost the same as the original price of the tickets, and the extended stay at our rented house in Oaxaca is costly, too, especially given that there are only 2 of us in a 3-bdrm house. My mom and brother, our travel companions, had to move on to the next leg of the journey without us. I hope they’ve had a great time in Taxco, and I also hope to not find one of them sick when we meet back up in Mexico City tomorrow.

Lesson learned: get the flu shot, especially if traveling.

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