Hike Starts Tomorrow!

May 25th, 2012 Comments Off on Hike Starts Tomorrow!

Our adventure begins at 4 am with a 3-hour bus ride to the trail head. We are stocked with plenty of coca leaves, cliff bars brought from home, and rain gear—the weather is weird and occasionally rainy now even though the wet season is over (Yesterday it hailed! Residents of Cuzco got their cameras out).

Tonight we pack our trail bags (and in my case, most likely, pack and repack) and get to sleep early.

I’ll be back online on Wed, totally of the grid for next 4 days.

Here’s my pre-hike meal…carefully chosen to give me something of a symbolic visual to make the exertion have meaning when I’m feeling spent. “This 1000 feet is for that bacon, and the next will be for the onion rings, etc…”

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