So Long, Sacred Valley…Hello, Nazca

June 5th, 2012 § 1 comment

After a few interesting days in the small town with the giant market known as Pisac, we headed back to Cuzco yesterday for our 13-hour overnight bus ride to our current locale, Nazca.

In Pisac, we stayed in a more remote guesthouse, situated amidst farmland in a protected area at the base of a soaring mountain with steep Inca terraces and ruins. No cars are allowed there, but it was only a 10-minute walk to the town plaza. Here we are on our way into town to catch a “collectivo” (vans that serve as small busses) to Cuzco. Having a cart for transport instead of a taxi (or even a motorbike or tuk tuk) is a new one for us!

We had a pretty deluxe bus to Nazca, so the ride was not pure torture as we have experienced with long bus rides in the past. We had spacious seats that nearly reclined all the way back into a pretty comfy sleeping position. Most of the 13 hours were zigzagging along mountain switchbacks, up and down, up and down… the bus swaying continually as we climbed and descended the curvy passes. I imagine those who get car sick would have a problem with this route. It’s the only way to get from Cuzco to Nazca directly. For trip planners: take the Cruz del Sur line.

There was a full moon shining in the sky, but not powerful enough to illuminate anything on the ground; the landscape was pitch black until I awoke this am to find a mountainous desert with more rounded mountain tops than the jagged peaks around Cuzco. It’s rocky, wrinkled, barren, and vast. Somewhere out there are the Nazca Lines, the only reason to come here. We’re flying over them tomorrow.

My view from the bus window this am:

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