November 15th, 2012 § 1 comment

Today we leave Palm Cove and our view of the ocean and the sound of lapping waves and the sparkling, staccato sight of sunlight hitting moving water.

As I sit here eating a breakfast of tropical fruit, I fall into a state of reminiscence (as happens when things come to a conclusion). I’m thinking about time spent on Gili Air (Indonesia) and in Thailand – long, languorous beach stays during our year-long Asia trip, where nothing waited for us; there was no reason or plan to come back to anything. We were totally free, with an unwritten and open-ended future.

It’s a rare thing to be so truly living in the moment. I think maybe that feeling is one people try to reach through mediation. At various points in recent years I’ve tried to remember that feeling I obtained during that trip, but it’s a hard one to catch.

Now I know the sight and sound of the ocean, combined with a contemplative mood, will get me there.

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  • mom says:

    Your right- comfortable seat, couple deep breaths and visualization is the best and fastest way to revisit favorite places and calm the mind. good luck where are you headed next?