Australia TSE 2012

This, our third eclipse chase, brings us to northeast Australia. We’ll be watching the sunrise eclipse on November 14 from the sandy shores of Palm Cove (Queensland). Others will be in Cairns, Port Douglass, and the beaches and roads in between – not to mention the sea and sky. There are eclipse trips out to the Great Barrier Reef aboard snorkelling and diving outfits, and there’s always an eclipse flight for those with heavy wallets.

They predict 60,000 visitors for this event, although the weather prospects are iffy.

The path of totality starts at sunrise, to the east of Darwin, and then sweeps across the Cairns area before passing over the South Pacific Ocean, making no further landfall until it ends at sunset just short of Chile, South America. While at sea, the shadow passes over the International Date Line, making this eclipse span November 13 and 14.

Clear Skies!

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