Let the food porn begin!

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Mexican style beef

Cecina de Res (Mexican-style steak) | This was my first dinner at a restaurant called Checandole in Cancun (96 pesos, $8.00)


Benjamin and I both had one of these steaks at a cool place called El Diez in the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City. It was an Argentine-style steakhouse (of which there are plenty), but sadly, they serve US beef (approx. 100 pesos for a 1/2 pound steak, $8.30)

Chicken Soup

Caldo de Pollo (chicken soup) | This was Benjamin's lunch at Puro Corazón, a restaurant overlooking the zócolo (city square) in Mexico City (43 pesos, $3.60)

Two Loves Salad

Ensalada Dos Amores (Two Loves Salad) | My lunch at Puro Corazón: octopus and cactus salad (63 pesos, $5.25)

Tortillas with sauce, cheese, and crema

Chilaquiles (tortillas covered in sauce with cheese and sour cream) | My breakfast at the B&B, Casa Comtesse, in the Condesa neighborhood in Mexico City

Fried dough patty topped with chicken and cheese

Sopes de Pollo (thick, fried dough with chicken and cheese) | Benjamin and I both had Sopes for lunch in the Coyoacán neighborhood in Mexico City (25 pesos for 2, $2.00)

Desayuno (breakfast)

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Huevos a la Mexicana
Scrambled eggs with tomato, onion, and chili (the colors of the Mexican flag), served with a bit of refried beans.