Uttering 2 words successfully: a small victory!

April 26th, 2010 § 2 comments § permalink

Small victories are a plenty when learning a new language on the road, and actually being able to use it with the affirmative return gesture of a nod or the word, “yes.”

Like just now at breakfast, I pointed at the cereal and fruit in front of me when presented the menu and said, “Es todo.” Or, “That’s all.” It’s not an award winning speech in a foreign tongue, but the words sort of slipped out naturally, without thinking about them. The fact that they made sense to another human being is that small victory I started out talking about.

It’s fun and makes me want to keep learning and trying to speak, though most of the time I get nervous and tongue tied.

Last night, trying to say bottled water, “Agua embotellada,” it came out all broken and wrong. At these times, I am a 2-year-old with a speech impediment. The waiter understood me, though, with a smile. The kind type of smile reserved for idiots and fools one feels sorry for.

After that, I repeated the word… Em-bot-ay-odda. I knew how to say it–though it is a tough one–several times to myself. Benjamin leaned in towards me and said, “Do you realize you’re sitting here in a restaurant saying the word ‘bottle’ over and over to no one in particular?”

Just call me loco.